Elite Motor Escort, Inc. is a professional motorcycle escort service  and security company for funerals.


Elite Motor Escort, Inc operates out of Seattle WA and serves the Puget Sound Area.


Elite Motor Escorts, Inc is insured through an A+ rated carrier.



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Elite Motor Escort


"Your safety is our concern"

Elite Motor Escort, Inc. prides itself on the motorcycle escort service we offer to our clients.  We attempt to ensure that close family members are in immediate line behind the coach and that all attendees of the procession have their headlights and four way or hazards flashers on to assist in identification and to ensure the safety of the funeral procession.


Elite Motor Escort has licensed security officers available for funerals and private home protection during funerals.


Elite Motor Escort will provide free motorcycle escort service to military personnel killed in action from the airport to the funeral home.





 Escort Officers


Dave Eady
M. Centers
D. Clark
R. Sherwood
P. Meyer

M. Laigo 

L. Barker

M. Steinauer

P. Hock

D. Clement

T. Haun

D. Huiatt

A. Cochran